St. Augustine Florida Beachfront Real Estate:

People who find beachfront homes in Florida can live there year-round, or spend a few weeks at the beach every year and rent it out as a beach rental the rest of the time. Some folks might choose to live in oceanfront houses and condos during the winter and further north in the summer, or buyers of waterfront property may choose to live there year-round. St. Augustine's beachfront real estate is the best.

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Benefits of Florida Beachfront Homes

Florida beachfront homes represent a great investment. Historically, beachfront properties appreciate faster than other homes. Not all beachfront dream homes are created equal. Some Florida oceanfront real estate may be right on the beach, while other homes may be blocks away from a distant ocean view. Some neighborhoods may be highly desirable, while other neighborhoods might be too commercial or too expensive. Homes have different amenities; even waterfront homes; and a home that’s in a great location might not have the square footage, kitchen, or amenities that you want.



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Beachfront real estate is a broad term. It can mean many things. Calling a home “beachfront” may mean that the house has an ocean view, is physically next to the beach, or in some cases that it is in an oceanfront neighborhood. Beachfront does not mean that you can walk out onto the beach; even waterfront homes may not have beach access. Make sure you know how the seller is using the term ‘beachfront.’  Waterfront real estate may be on a hill overlooking the ocean, directly adjacent to the beach, across a street from an ocean, or any number of meanings that don’t directly translate to beachfront walkout.



Florida Oceanfront Condos

Florida beachfront condos provide an oceanfront home-away-from-home at a lower price point than traditional waterfront homes. Waterfront condos in the St. Augustine area also enable buyers to enjoy all of the benefits of beachfront property ownership without the worries of maintaining an oceanfront home, and dealing with the inevitable upkeep of properties that front the beach directly. Florida oceanfront condos are a great choice for people looking for a vacation home or second home, but who want to live elsewhere for part of the year without worrying about upkeep.



St. Augustine Beach Florida

We can be your partners in your quest for the perfect beachfront dream home. We can help you find Florida oceanfront condos or houses with a broad range of budgets, neighborhoods, and amenities. Because we know the St. Augustine area so well, we can give you an accurate assessment of what a home is worth, and whether or not you’re getting a good deal. Let us help you find your dream beachfront property.

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